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A positive customer experience makes all the difference.

Customer experience has been identified as the single most important aspect in achieving success for companies in various industries.
To help companies distinguish their services, one of the key success contributors is developing various integration and automation tools to organize customer information, thus improving the overall customer perception, satisfaction, and commitment.
Atria Solutions provides an array of solutions to fit the specific needs of businesses. Each service is guaranteed to meet the exact measurement needs that a company needs to improve its brand loyalty.

Social Media Integration

Integration between Whatsapp,Telegram and existing solutions:

  • Chatbot
  • E-payment
  • Agent Chat Features (Fully integrated with Cisco UC chat agent interface)

Speech Analytics

In call center conversation may be used to analyze behavioral study of call attendants with the customers which helps improve the quality of service. It can detect 9 emotions:

  • Neutral, Calm, Happy
  • Sad, Angry, Disgust
  • PS(Pleasant Surprise), Boredom, Fear

Emotion analysis based on acoustic approach and pre-trained data model, fully open source, uses Python Librosa as a trusted audio and music processing engine.

Contact Center

Contact center solutions offer features like automated call distribution, IVR, multi-channel support, and analytics, enhancing customer interactions and agent performance. Cisco’s solution expands with new communication channels (calling, chatting, emails), advanced routing, and seamless social media integration. Next Generation reporting provides detailed historical and real-time data insights. Work-from-home agent solutions are also available. These capabilities improve customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

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