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Atria provides digital consultancy services to help businesses navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, gain a competitive edge, enhance IT capabilities, and align digital strategies with overall business objectives. Our services include:

  • Solution Architecture: Designing and implementing scalable digital solutions aligned with client goals, including technology evaluation, system architecture, and best practice recommendations.
  • Technical Advisory and Audit: In-depth assessments of IT infrastructure, identifying gaps, vulnerabilities, and improvement areas to mitigate risks, optimize performance, and ensure compliance.
  • Technical Trainings and Enablement: Expert-led programs equipping businesses with skills to manage digital technologies, covering new tools and enabling independent implementation and maintenance.

Consulting Team

Giving clients an overview of our consulting team profile and scope of work

Solution Architect

Solution architect is a key member responsible for the overall design, that maps the client business requirements to systems/technical requirements.

Architecture Consultant

A solution advisor and architect help uncover customer problems and requirements through a longer-term relationship on premise. They direct clients on where to go through different proposed options, while proposing the appropriate solution in line with the client business challenges.

Technology Advisor

The technology advisor is an expert in a particular field of knowledge or product. Their core mission is to provide detailed information to our clients in relation to a particular technology, application, or device, including training and enablement when needed.

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