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What is Segment Routing

  • Segment routing is a modern technology that has been developed by IETF groups. Service providers and multi-branch enterprises who are looking for a traffic engineering solution can now use Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SRTE).
  • Segment routing works either on top of an MPLS network or an IPv6 network. Segment routing is simple, it is a feature that can be turned on inside IS-IS or OSPF. Segment-routing has its own labeling and doesn’t need a Labeling protocol to function.
  • Segment routing is an SDN ready solution, configurations, changes can be deployed from a central device. Not only configurations can be centralized, but also control plane functionality can be centralized.
  • SRTE is the solution that provides traffic engineering based on many criteria. With SRTE, we can use IGP metrics, or we can set TE metrics. With SRTE, we can program a path to avoid routers and interfaces, specify explicit-path. With COE solution, we can allocate bandwidth on demand for our paths.


  • Are proud to be of the first companies who recommended, designed and deployed segment-routing. We were able to integrate this solution with other security solutions.
  • We deployed many MP-BGP / MPLS / RSVP solutions for our service providers clients in Lebanon and in the middle east. We also worked for solutions required by service providers when they need to interact with other service providers and/or with global services such as google, facebook.

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